Homeless Garden Project and Kind Marketing

Our Journey with Homeless Garden Project

In 2019 Kind Marketing™ started a journey with the Homeless Garden Project, a non-profit in Santa Cruz, CA that has served as a blueprint for many non-profits wishing to copy their impactful and successful model. Through the soil of their urban farms, it is their mission to provide the tools and life skills people need to build a home in this world.

Kind Marketing was brought on to help the team refine their brand and work with the them on general brand education. Additionally we spent the past year developing their new website strategy, revised content, design and production. Today the site has launched and we could not be more thrilled!

Check out the new site
Charlene’s marketing and development services have been invaluable to our organization. She took the time to genuinely learn and understand our organization’s needs, culture, and brand, never cutting corners during the process. It was so reassuring to work with a marketing team that I could trust to accurately communicate our brand in a clear and consistent manner. Kind Marketing’s talent and work ethic is reflected in the thoughtful and creative materials they produced for us, including a new website that successfully captured our brand language and aesthetic. The user-friendly navigation of the new website likewise improved the functionality of our site, as well as our ability to raise awareness of our project, connect to our community, and increase support for our work.
⎯ Darrie Ganzhorn, Executive Director @ Homeless garden Project

“We are really honored and proud to have served Homeless Garden Project. I personally worked very closely with Darrie Ganzhorn, Executive Director to gain more insights on the heart of the program and the very large community serving this project. Darrie is well known in the community for her dedication to this cause and from our perspective, the heart and soul of this program (though she may beg to differ). Today, we are at last launching this lovely website with a blend of stories and photos from the farm and events that really capture the true essence of who they are, who they serve and the lives they touch. With much respect and praise, we thank all of you at Homeless Garden Project for all you do and the difference you continue to make in people’s lives!” – Charlene Moore, CEO, Kind Marketing

When it comes to giving back, Kind Marketing has not been shy.  Once a year, Kind Marketing selects a non-profit or business that has the potential to make a positive impact through their services and or products. The initiative to give back is one of Kind Marketing’s core values, being part of the foundation for our brand and the reason we’ve created this division of our business, Kind Impact™.

The Kind Impact division provides 10% of annual profits to a handful of non-profits that are truly making a difference in policies, environment and human welfare; spending personal time to support non-profits on the ground; and selecting one new, sustainably focused start-up to invest in each year.

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The next step in our journey with Homeless Garden Project will be designing and developing their shiny, new online shopping experience. More details coming soon, stay tuned!


Since 1990, Homeless Garden Project, headquartered in Santa Cruz California, has been serving people experiencing homelessness and the wider community. The multifaceted program is centered around educational programs within their organic farm, providing the hands-on experience and nurturing benefits of working with the earth and community. Since its inception, the Homeless Garden Project has served over 800 people in the transitional employment and job training programs. Each year, Homeless Garden Project  hosts nearly 2500 volunteers, contributing 13,555 hours, and harvests over 30,000 pounds of food for the community.

A large portion of this program includes and depends on community volunteers, interns, customers, and trainees who form strong bonds through the work. This “strengthened” community breaks down the profound sense of isolation felt by many people experiencing homelessness. Together, we work towards common goals that impact individuals as well as other local agencies and services.

To learn more about the Homeless Garden Project visit: www.homelessgardenproject.org


Kind Marketing, with new headquarters are in Henderson Nevada, is a brand strategy and full service marketing agency that works with sustainable companies to bring brands and culture together. Creating on the principal that culture drives commerce, Kind Marketing leverages shared values, vision and ideals to inform strategy, design and experiential programs that inspire human interaction, trust, and leave a meaningful impression. Key industry focus: Natural and Luxury industry including, food and beverage, health and wellness, fashion and beauty.  Additional industries include eco travel, green tech & new tech. 

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