Charlene Moore, CEO of Kind Marketing, Joins XtendLive’s Customer Advisory Board

June 2024

San Jose, California — June 7, 2024 — Kind Marketing™, a leading full-service marketing and PR agency dedicated to social responsibility, is pleased to announce that its CEO, Charlene Moore, has joined the Customer Advisory Board (CAB) for XtendLive, an innovative digital event platform. This strategic collaboration signifies an exciting opportunity to influence the development and launch of XtendLive’s cutting-edge platform.

Charlene Moore’s Expertise Enhances XtendLive’s Vision
Charlene Moore, a recognized leader in event marketing, brings extensive experience and insights to XtendLive. Under her leadership, Kind Marketing has successfully partnered with industry leaders such as ProExhibits, providing top-tier marketing solutions. Her expertise in event trends and digital platforms across the board will be instrumental in shaping XtendLive’s experiential platform.

XtendLive’s Commitment to Innovation
XtendLive has spent the past two years researching, designing, and developing a state-of-the-art digital event platform. As the company prepares to launch the platform, it’s keen to integrate feedback from industry experts to ensure it meets the evolving needs of the event industry.

Engaging with Industry Leaders
XtendLive’s CAB is designed to gather insights and feedback from leading industry professionals. Members will participate in remote meetings, usability tests, and focus groups to provide feedback that will shape XtendLive’s product and enhancement roadmap. Advisory Board members will also have the opportunity to trial the platform within their own event marketing strategies.

I'm looking forward to participating on XtendLive’s CAB and contribute to the development of a platform that is poised to revolutionize digital events. The opportunity to collaborate with XtendLive aligns with Kind Marketing’s commitment to innovation and excellence in event marketing.
⎯ Charlene Moore, CEO & Co-founder @Kind Marketing

About Kind Marketing

Kind Marketing™ is a female-owned and operated branding, marketing, and public relations agency, serving clients in B-B, B-C and Nonprofits. Founded in 2017, Kind Marketing practices socially responsible marketing to help companies be a force for good while building their brands. We believe in the power of purpose, and it's reflected in our dedication to supporting brands that are committed to making a positive impact. Kind Marketing isn't just a name; it's a reflection of our ethos and our unwavering dedication to serving people, communities, and the environment.

About XtendLive

XtendLive is a cutting-edge digital event platform designed to provide immersive and interactive event experiences. With a focus on user-friendly features and robust functionality, XtendLive aims to revolutionize the way events are conducted in the digital age.

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