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⎯ Case Study Snapshots ⎯

Case Study Snapshots


Brand refresh leads to a 4,768% rise in online engagement and a 2,087% increase in subscriptions and leads. Kind Marketing was hired to refresh and differentiate the corporate brand, create a new product line brand, and strengthen the company’s market leadership position. The challenge was to orchestrate CH4 Global’s renaissance by...

How We Helped Drive Skyrocketing Press Engagement, Unprecedented Media Mentions and Phenomenal Market Impact

As the marketing and PR agency of record for CH4 Global, Kind Marketing was charged with strategically overhauling the company’s Public Relations (PR) approach. Amidst other impressive stats, CH4 Global saw a 674%increase in press engagement and a 1,300% surge in press interviews from 2022 to 2023...

How We Successfully Collaborated to Develop a Compelling Brand Story, Launch a Game-Changing Product, and Drive Company Growth

The initial challenge was to establish a memorable, standout brand that resonated in the market. After the launch of Proterra Ag and its first innovation, HYPERroots, the next challenge was two-fold: position the company to handle the massive influx of sales inquiries from the 1.2k qualified leads generated in the first 6 months post-launch, and effectively convey its brand story to a rapidly growing audience...

Testimonials /

Things Our Clients Say About Us

“We deeply appreciate our partnership and all you are doing for CH4 Global. We know the team has gone above and beyond for our mutually shared passion to save this planet. Our investors and partners love the new website, and the brand work you and the team developed! A huge thank you from us all!”
⎯ CH4 Global
"The Kind Marketing team was absolutely wonderful to work with. It was great to have the support and guidance from a seasoned marketing team."
⎯ Straus Family Creamery
"The team at Kind Marketing took our mission and vision to heart and pulled out all the stops. Branding can be tricky, but their approach helped us avoid getting bogged down and achieve full alignment of the executive team. The result was a standout brand that resonates with our customers. After launch, we were overwhelmed by the number of high-quality leads, interest, and coverage generated. If you’re a startup or growth stage company that needs some great marketing minds and muscle on your side, Kind Marketing is for you."
⎯ Proterra Ag
"Your brochure worked too well! We’re now over our registration limit, thank you so much!"
⎯ Internal Family Systems, Santa Cruz
"Clarifying, action-oriented, and empowering, Kind Marketing provided that much-needed grounding force and focus to help elevate my entrepreneurial vision to the next level of strategy and implementation. Inspiring, engaging work process delivering superb results!"
⎯ Opal Lane
"Charlene’s marketing and development services have been invaluable to our organization. She took the time to genuinely learn and understand our organization’s needs, culture, and brand, never cutting corners during the process. It was so reassuring to work with a marketing team that I could trust to accurately communicate our brand in a clear and consistent manner."
⎯ Homeless Garden Project

"Hello Charlene. Just wanted to share some feedback from our CEO, Atik.
He was thrilled with the whole show – the booth, quality of leads, speakers, the show and the VIP event! This matches what I heard from almost everyone else – they were blown away by what we pulled off! Thanks again so much for all your help, support and drive to make this happen. I literally could not have done this without you and your team."

⎯ Virsec Systems
"I was given the amazing opportunity to work with Charlene and the team at Kind Marketing and was wowed on a regular basis. They had too many accomplishments and success for one recommendation."
⎯ RainbowLight
"Kind Marketing is the pinnacle of strength in marketing. It would be a pleasure to share their work with any organization, and illustrate how they can add value to its endeavors."
⎯ Nutranext
"We engaged Kind Marketing to rebrand and launch a sustainable AgTech company. Our launch was complicated in that we released the first technology of its kind, had a short timeline and needed a lot of out-of-the-box thinking. They brought together an exceptional team and absorbed a vast amount of information quickly, synthesizing that into an amazing go-to-market plan. They put together a killer brand, website and product launch in an incredibly short period of time. This can only be done by a group of people that are amazing at what they do. Our launch was an absolute success, thanks to the Kind Marketing team.”
⎯ Proterra Ag
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