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⎯ Brand Development Services ⎯

Brand Development
⎯ Services ⎯


Understanding company goals, vision, mission, and values is critical to developing a solid, lasting brand.

We have helped many companies through the rigorous process of developing their identities and creating brands that ring true to their intended goals while standing apart from the competition.

Raising the brand equity comes when all employees and executives fully understand how to articulate the brand. By training our clients’ employees and executives to articulate their brand value, we help brands shine through in the market.

Advisory Services ⎯

Kind Marketing works with all types of companies, from start-ups to large enterprises.

Our seasoned experts work with clients to turn a complicated set of goals into streamlined objectives and an actionable plan to meets business needs.

Our advisory board members have a broad depth of knowledge in many different business arenas and target markets. Whatever role you need your advisory team to serve, we’re ready to help.


⎯ Public Relations ⎯

⎯ Relations ⎯

How a company shows up in the market is pivotal to its success.

From a PR standpoint, it goes beyond this. Keeping tabs on and understanding how industries are being shaped – and a strong sense of where it’s headed  –  helps us position our clients to be proactive rather than reactive.

While influencers have garnered lots of publicity in recent years, we feel strongly that hype (without substance or facts) and propaganda are hurting the world and, quite frankly, creating distrust in all media.

At Kind Marketing, we continually challenge our clients to always embrace a leadership role grounded in integrity, ethical considerations, transparency, authenticity, and third-party verification (if available).

Our team has collective decades of experience.

⎯ Marketing Communications, Advertising & Programs

It is interesting that the main ingredient to achieve success is also its outcome: getting people to talk about you.
⎯ Samantha Ray, President Creative & Co-Founder

On-brand, Impactful Communications: The success of your product, service or company depends on delivering relevant information to decision makers and industry experts in your market.

Our team has collective decades of experience helping clients form message architectures to ensure the right message reaches the right audience at the right time.

From company overviews and complicated product descriptions to advertising and campaigns, we’ll create a clear and intriguing message that’s right for your audience and provides your company a competitive advantage.

Effective Programs: Effective marketing campaigns are experiential and tie together your brand, products, and services with eye-catching graphics and engaging messages integrated across all touch points, media, and channels. We’ll help you develop effective integrated campaigns that cut through the clutter and drive engagement.

⎯ Web Design & Development ⎯

⎯ Web ⎯
Design & Development

The first step to building any good website is defining its strategy. Quickly followed by understanding its requirements and integration needs. Kind Marketing offers professional website design services that help shape the best user experience possible. We work with numerous hosting and build platforms, ensuring we can always meet our clients’ objectives.

Beautiful sites. Great results.

Design Services ⎯

Services ⎯

The design team at Kind Marketing is involved to ensure your brand shines through in any program or project, whether it’s brand style development and templates, logos, or packaging.

In addition to our in-house team, we maintain strong partnerships with video production teams around the globe. So, whether you need to develop an ad or want to launch a custom project, we always ensure the right talent is on the job.

Design is personal, emotional, and experiential. A successful design clearly portrays a unique persona or idea or mission and leaves its audience feeling inspired and connected.
⎯ Samantha Ray, President Creative & Co-Founder

⎯ Events ⎯

Understanding an event’s goals is step one in planning for its success. Our team has decades of experience in helping companies turn their event dreams into realities.

It all starts with a goal and a vision; the rest is meticulous planning and flawless execution. Give your company a leg up on the competition by trusting seasoned professionals who know how to deliver. We can bring to life any idea, no matter how large.

Kind Merchandising

We align with brands that share our mission of giving back to the community and our planet.

Because swag is one of the largest throw-away areas for company promotions, we focus on sustainable, quality brand swag that people are actually inclined to cherish and use or wear.

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