Kind Marketing™ core values provide the foundation for our brand and the reason to create Kind Impact. Our values shine through in our relationships with clients, partners and internal teams; the common pillars being truth, people, planet and expertise, encompassing new ways to develop business while improving this precious planet we all share. With these few ingredients we believe success and positive impact can absolutely go hand in hand.

The Kind Impact arm will serve by providing: 10% of annual profits to a handful of non-profits that are truly making a difference in policies, environment and human welfare; spending personal time to support non-profits on the ground; and selecting one new, sustainably focused start-up to invest in each year.



Action Beyond Donations

We have currently selected to work with the Pachamama Alliance Draw Down Pilot Project and will be actively inviting our clients, team and partners to join us in our piece of the project to co-create our own comprehensive plan to reverse climate change. This plan will tie into the tools and training we’ll receive from Project Drawdown, part of which is based on Paul Hawken’s Project Drawdown book and outlines over 100 solutions that together, can begin to roll back global warming by 2050. These solutions encompass the energy we use, the food we eat, and the cities we live in. Upon project completion we will see the vital role we can all play in the climate change reversal movement.

Philanthropic Vision

Kind Impact is about fueling our genuine desire to promote the welfare of our planet and people in need through monetary donations. We’ve chosen to invest in non-profits surrounding the topics of; ocean and sea life welfare, clean water for all and natural water ways protection, reversing climate change, and aiding food deserts and food deprived areas with organic, wholesome foods. We were able to donate 3% of our 2017 profits to 5Gyres. By end of 2018, our plan is to expand donations to 10% and include one new, amazing non-profit; Trees for the Future. Donating 10% of our annual profits means once all of our business costs and team members have been paid, 10% of the remaining profits will go to those non-profits on our list.

Good Idea Investment

We have chosen to invest our time in one good business idea each year, for those businesses or concepts not yet in company form, that have all the right ingredients to become successful and make a positive impact on the planet, people and communities they will serve. Our investment will come by way of professional council, board membership and depending on needs, brand strategy and creation. We call this faction of impact, Kind Unlimited™. More details coming soon!

Do you have a good business idea you want to pitch to us?




The 5Gyres Institute
The 5Gyres mission is to empower action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution through science, education, and adventure. They members of Break Free From Plastic, an international movement that unites non-profit organizations to fight plastic pollution, sharing the common values of environmental protection and social justice. They are also founding members of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, a global alliance of organizations, businesses, and thought leaders working toward a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impact on humans, animals, and the environment. In 2017 we received special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

“ We are proud sponsors of 5Gyres. They have brought huge awareness and education to the masses. What I find so inspiring is that they were instrumental in policy reform on the use of plastic micro-beads in the manufacturing in our beauty and self care products. Our gratitude just doesn’t quite say enough! ”
- Samantha Moore, President Creative & Co-Founder

Pachamama Alliance
Pachamama Alliance is a global community that offers people the chance to learn, connect, engage, travel and cherish life for the purpose of creating a sustainable future that works for all. The vision that informs the Pachamama Alliance’s work is of a world that works for everyone: an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet—a New Dream for humanity. Their mission is to empower indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest to preserve their lands and culture and, using insights gained from that work, to educate and inspire individuals everywhere to bring forth a thriving, just and sustainable world.

“ Pachamama Alliance has a number of really inspiring programs. The work they are doing to keep indigenous plant and culture in tact in the Amazon will help keep us all healthier, even without our knowing. We are now involved in their Draw Down Pilot Program which incorporates learnings from Paul Hawkins book which was also influenced by some great ecologically minded thinkers such Michael Pollan and Andrea Wulf. It’s an inspiring mission and we are up to the task! ”
- Charlene Moore, CMO & Co-Founder

Trees for The Future
In the early 1970’s, Dave and Grace Deppner served as volunteers in the Philippines, where they witnessed the human tragedy brought on by illegal logging and unsustainable land management systems. Working with community leaders in nearby villages, the Deppners found a way to offer hope. They revitalized lands by providing farmers with tree seeds, technical training and on-site planning assistance. Planting trees provides families with more than just food. It provides income, empowerment, unity, leadership, education and even saves lives. When we can teach people to value themselves and their environment, they see amazing improvements in their standard of living.

“ Trees for the Future is a great example of putting a real triple bottom line to work! There are now other NGO's that are using their model due to the great results ”
- Charlene Moore, CMO & Co-Founder

Homeless Garden Project
Since 1990, the Homeless Garden Project, headquartered in Santa Cruz California, has been serving people experiencing homelessness and the wider community. The multifaceted program is centered around educational programs within their organic farm, providing the hands-on experience and nurturing benefits of working with the earth and community. Since its inception, the Homeless Garden Project has served over 800 people in the transitional employment and job training programs. Each year, Homeless Garden Project hosts nearly 2500 volunteers, contributing 13,555 hours, and harvests over 30,000 lbs of food for the community.

Through the soil of our urban farms, it is our mission to provide the tools and life skills people need to build a home in this world.

“ The Homeless Garden Project has been serving as a blueprint for many non-profits in hopes of creating create a program as sustainable and impactful as theirs. We are honored to be working with the Homeless Garden Project and such a gracious team. ”
- Charlene Moore, CMO & Co-Founder