We are Kind Marketing™: a marketing agency which places its interests in the things that truly matter to us – the wellness of people, our communities and the planet. Our marketing goes above and beyond and shows in how we operate, what we deliver and how we contribute. This is a bold statement but we back it up by working with like minded clients and partners who are also making a difference with what their businesses are bringing into the world.

“We focus on bringing forth our clients best by creating
genuine brands that resonate with the communities they serve.”Charlene Moore, CEO

Samantha Ray: Finding Marketing Through Art

A Kind Marketing Video Production


Kind Marketing works with sustainable companies to create authentic and magnetic brands
while helping each client to define their truest purpose in;

health & wellness, food & beverage,
beauty, retail, eco travel,
and green industry


The truth is powerful

The truth is:
Success and positive impact can absolutely go hand in hand.

We believe expertise & truth in a brand makes the difference between real success vs. hype, and without care for people & planet you won’t be the change you are after.

Anything is possible and together we can create a greener version of success.

Kind Marketing is as passionate about fostering success and innovation as we are about doing it in a way that truly makes a positive impact from the inside, out!

We work only with those who are ready to make a difference.

We’re ready, are you?


Charlene Moore

Samantha Ray
President Creative, Chairperson

Beryl Jacobson
Director, Programs & Communications

Lisa Martin
Director, Social Media

Tod Abbott
Senior Programmer &
Web Developer

Karen Nierlich
Project Manager


Advisory Team

From discovery sessions to organization evaluation, team alignment and strategic planning for immediate and future success

Brand Development

From research to strategy, positioning and development to internal education to launch


From brand design to packaging to websites to digital and print media to trade show materials and booths to eco brand swag

Campaigns & Programs

From campaign strategy to design, development and implementation, product launch programs to in-store shopper experience programs and trade shows of all kinds

Marketing Communications

From advertising to packaging, online presence, PR, sales presentations, sponsorships, trade show appearances and much more, clearly and effectively communicate core messages through every channel

MultiMedia Productions

From video to 3&4D animations, motion graphics, scripts and actor/model acquisition to professional voice overs, sound effects and music collection

“What drives us isn’t growth at the cost of all others and the planet,
but a love for doing meaningful work with meaningful companies.”Team Kind Marketing