How We Successfully Collaborated to Develop a Compelling Brand Story, Launch a Game-Changing Product, and Drive Company Growth

With five prominent article placements secured post-launch, Kind Marketing helped Proterra Ag gain national media attention and generate over 1.2K qualified leads

Proterra Ag™
Brand development, company and product launch
Partnership duration
2021 - 2022
Branding can be tricky, but Kind Marketing’s approach helped us avoid getting bogged down and achieve full alignment of the executive team. The result was a standout brand that resonates with our customers. If you’re a startup or growth stage company that needs some great marketing minds and muscle on your side, Kind Marketing is for you.”
⎯ Matt Weiss, COO @ Proterra Ag
Introduction: Proterra Ag Revolutionizing Sustainable Agriculture

Founded in 2015 in Los Angeles, California, Proterra Ag™, Inc. was launched to achieve the impossible in sustainable agriculture: make growing food efficient, productive, profitable, and kind to the earth. One of the company’s first innovations – HYPERroots™ – was the world’s first gel substrate, enabling higher yields, consistently, with minimal effort and fewer resources than other substrates.

The Challenge: Position Category-Defying Company for Market Success

As the company prepared to launch in 2021, agriculture used 75% of the world's fresh water and only 2% of arable farmland was left worldwide. The company’s technology and solutions were designed to address those challenges, creating bold opportunities for growers, communities, and investors.

The initial challenge was to establish a memorable, standout brand that resonated in the market. After the launch of Proterra Ag and its first innovation, HYPERroots, in October 2021, the next challenge was two-fold: position the company to handle the influx of sales inquiries from small farmers and large-scale businesses,and effectively convey its brand story to a growing audience.

The Solution: Develop Brand Story and Process for Growth

As the agency of record for Proterra Ag, Kind Marketing assisted Proterra its company and product launch. We also developed Proterra Ag's corporate brand and brand story, emphasizing the company’s mission and values:

Empower growers to maximize their ROI by eliminating the guesswork, uncertainty, and waste inherent in most grow operations…and show that capitalism and humanism can co-exist to achieve mutually beneficial results.

The story also encompassed the company’s unique approach:

  • Manufacturing comprehensive AgTech solutions for scalable and sustainable agriculture.
  • Developing purpose-built vertical aeroponic systems for consistent crop outcomes.
  • Taking sustainability into consideration in every stage of product development.

Through a collaborative partnership with Proterra Ag, Kind Marketing:

  • Led market research, brand development, product brand development, and the successful company and product launch.
  • Spearheaded ad programs and public relations designed to spur awareness and interest.
  • Developed a CRM system to position the company to scale efficiently as it attracted and engaged prospects, customers, partners, and investors.
The Proof: Establishing a New Market Entrant as an Industry Game Changer

As a company positioned to change the way food is grown, Proterra Ag gained significant interest after launching its category-defying product, HYPERroots. With five prominent article placements secured post-launch, Kind Marketing helped the company gain national media attention and generate over 1,200 leads – a 5,000% increase over the launch time frame.

Notably, Proterra Ag saw coverage in Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, and AP News, along with industry outlets such as AgriTech Tomorrow and Vertical Farm Daily. In fact, the number of high-quality leads, interest, and coverage generated justified bringing on additional support.

Through a collaborative partnership with Proterra Ag, Kind Marketing helped establish the compelling brand story that propelled the company’s innovation into the spotlight. Just as importantly, the collabration paved the way for the company to become a recognized world leader in AgTech.*

We engaged with Kind Marketing to rebrand and launch a sustainable AgTech company. Our launch was complicated in that we released the first technology of its kind, had a short timeline and needed a lot of out-of-the-box thinking. Kind Marketing brought together an exceptional team of designers, marketers and writers. They absorbed a vast amount of information quickly and synthesized that into an amazing go-to-market plan. They put together a killer brand, website and product launch in an incredibly short period of time. This can only be done by a group of people that are amazing at what they do. Our launch was an absolute success, thanks to the Kind Marketing team.
⎯ Erik Caso, CEO @ Proterra Ag
*Proterra Ag’s product and IP was acquired by a scientist that used it to launch another company.

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