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Kind Marketing Unveils Kind Operations

July 2018

Kind Marketing, LLC announces additional branch of the business, Kind Operations, making impact and transparency a key metric for operational success. 
This new branch formalizes the commitment to sustainability and will set the bar for how we operate internally, with our partners, and our clients. Low impact and restorative wherever possible is the goal.  
This has been a passion of our team since we started the company and truly part of the companies DNA. We felt it was time to state our intentions and put the methods in motion for tracking. We are super happy to be working with clients that have similar goals in mind, it all makes a difference.
⎯ Charlene Moore, CEO

Official tracking starts this month, July 2018, and the annual reports will be produced and shared in January for the previous year.

Key areas we are tracking are:

  1. Printing and packaging design
  2. Recycling and waste reduction
  3. Emission reduction
  4. Water use
  5. Energy savers and electrical use
  6. Office greening
  7. Partner and vendor alignment
  8. Supporting brands that are continuously working towards low impact and sustainable operations.

Have ideas on other areas we can measure? We’re interested to hear!

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Kind Marketing, headquartered in Santa Cruz with a satellite office in Los Angeles, is a brand strategy and full service marketing agency that works with sustainable companies to bring brands and culture together. Creating on the principal that culture drives commerce, Kind Marketing leverages shared values, vision and ideals to inform strategy, design and experiential programs that inspire human interaction, trust, and leave a meaningful impression. Key industry focus: natural CPG industry including, food and beverage, health and wellness, fashion and beauty. Additional industries include Eco Travel and Green Tech. Learn more at

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