Blue Ocean Opportunities

Commercial Strategy for a Blue Ocean Opportunity

Kind Marketing obtains a coveted spot on the cover of The Wall Street Journal for client CSRD.

Clark Sustainable Resource Development
Commercial strategy for growth
Partnership duration
2005 - 2017
The Challenge

Clark Sustainable Resource Development (CSRD), a sustainable logging company, lacked a central mission, vision, and clear roadmap. Getting everyone aligned on mission, vision, and strategy was both the challenge and the solution.

The Solution

We conducted one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders and held a series of off-site events with the international team to articulate and get commitment on vision, mission, and business and market strategy. With this work complete, we repositioned and rebranded CSRD from a Canadian company developing resources in Africa to an international triple bottom line (*3BL) company striving to save the planet.

The Results

With the new vision, mission, and strategy in place, CSRD was well prepared for its presentations to investors and a plan of action which included patented technology, an education plan for the workers in Ghana and opening the doors for NGO’s to inspect and have freedom to transparent reporting.

Kind Marketing, formerly Spin66 Studio, obtained a coveted spot on the cover of The Wall Street Journal for CSRD where reporter Michael Phillips took a journey to Lake Volta in Ghana to interview the on-site team and local NGO’s keeping a close eye on the project.

*3BL, a term coined in 2006 by Carr Biggerstaff from Spin66 Studio, now widely used as the common acronym for triple bottom line and the upgraded term 4BL.


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