Chicago Fast Foods

New Client Chicago Fast Foods

September 2020

Kind Marketing proudly announces new client, Chicago Fast Foods, a ghost kitchen for five high quality food delivery brands.

About six months ago we started working with a gentleman who had a great vision for todays' restaurant challenges surrounding COVID and new shifts in the marketplace. His vision was to bring forth a minimum of five food brands in one food category to start, and have them all run out of the same kitchen. The brands all based around food delivery and catering.

This concept has been referred as a ghost kitchen - one kitchen optimized to serve many food delivery brands.  These virtual models may be the way of the future according to Euromonitor, a market research firm, who recently estimated that they could be a $1 trillion market by 2030.

Many ghost kitchens partner with large delivery companies like Uber Eats and DoorDash for online ordering, pickup, and delivery.  There are many advantages of partnering with these food delivery companies. The technology is already honed in for kitchen owners to literally plug and play, and if you are getting the great ratings, well this is a huge bonus for marketing.

Though Ghost kitchens concepts are still relatively new, we loved his strategy of kicking off with five brands out of one kitchen because it provides the opportunity and advantage to gain serious market share in that region.

His five brands are housed under the mothership, Chicago Fast Foods and each brand is geared towards either breakfast, lunch or late night. We'll do a follow-up on Chicago Fast Foods once they have been running for at least 5 months.

A taste of our brand design work: Burritos After Dark (BAD), Killah Quesedillah, Autentaco, Burrito Bol and Sunny's Breakfast Burrito are all shown below.

Sunny's Breakfast Burritos

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