Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Abundant Wellness Trade Program helped sales engage retail partners at an inspirational, personal level, turning retailers in brand ambassadors, naturally driving awareness and sales.

Rainbow Light
Brand awareness program creation
Partnership duration
2015 - 2018
The Challenge

Rainbow Light needed a cohesive annual brand program to strengthen consumer and retail awareness of the corporate brand's values, ethics, and practices.

The Solution

Kind Marketing created the Abundant Wellness Trade Program, a year-long multi-channel effort covering in-store programs, merchandising, and CSR, spanning multiple product lines. It embodied the brand personality and values at every step.

The Results

Abundant Wellness helped Sales engage retail partners at an inspirational, personal level, turning retailers into brand ambassadors to drive awareness and sales.


Kind Marketing is a full-service branding, marketing, and communications agency, building iconic purpose-driven brands, award-winning design, and compelling communications for innovative companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our rich portfolio of clients includes B2B and B2C companies in AgTech, Climate Tech, Climate Smart Ag, Sustainable Ag, Green Tech, organic food and beverage (consumer goods), nutraceuticals and sustainable luxury brands. Kind Marketing also has a passion for serving our people, our communities and our planet. Since 2019, we have donated more than $100,000 in products, advisory services, and funds to nonprofits and businesses that make a difference.


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