New Client Homeless Garden Project

October 2018

Kind Marketing™ is extremely honored to announce new client, The Homeless Garden Project. Their lovely mission is within the soil of their urban organic farm, to help people find the tools they need to build a home in this world we share together.

28 years ago The Homeless Garden Project started their vibrant education and volunteer program for the broad community of Santa Cruz. The programs take place on their 3-acre organic farm and related enterprises to provide job training, transitional employment, and support services to people who are experiencing homelessness. They blend formal, experiential and vocational learning into their rich curriculum.

Today, there is a homeless epidemic in many cities in California and across the United States. We are genuinely moved by the impact The Homeless Garden Project has made and continues to make for our homeless population over the years. What is also highly inspiring is they are weaving in the organic farming with sustainable business practices. We know the earth gives back in so many ways and it’s empowering to realize we all get to be part of it!

Kind Marketing will be their new marketing advisory team, helping them strengthen their brand as well as developing their new website. Additionally, our new client will be brought in under the Kind Impact arm of the business. Kind Impact provides 10% of annual profits to a handful of non-profits that are truly making a difference in policies, environment and human welfare; spending personal time to support non-profits on the ground; and selecting one new, sustainably focused start-ups to invest in each year. The Homeless Garden Project is Kind Marketing’s second pro bono client in 2018 and will therefor be the selected non-profit for 2019.

Find out more about The Homeless Garden Project.

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