New Client Virsec

New Client Virsec

September 2018

Kind Marketing™ is super honored to be working with Virsec®, an emerging technology client in the security sector. We are excited to bring not only our marketing and creative expertise to the table but also our sustainability leadership to this group. It’s our great desire to bring positive change to a sector where sustainability is not top of mind, or well established.

As a key partner for their brand development, marketing programs, web and events, we see a lot of opportunity to make a positive impact. The parallels of trust-related security for business, and trust in securing the future for business through great marketing practices and business DNA is the reality we are after.


Based in San Jose, California, Virsec delivers innovative solutions to counter today’s advanced cyberattacks. The company is led by industry veterans who have driven one of the world’s top processor teams, and created innovative technology in network security, embedded systems and real-time memory systems. The team has broad leadership experience at companies including AMD, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Juniper, Dell, NextGen, BMC Software, ForcePoint, as well a long list of high-growth start-ups.

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