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We’re Here

September 2017

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new business, Kind Marketing™, LLC,  a Californian agency headquartered in Santa Cruz, with a satellite office in Los Angeles. Our mission is working with sustainable companies to co-create authentic and magnetic brands while helping each client define their truest purpose.

What defines a true purpose?
We believe that every company, has a larger goal that goes beyond simply making money. Money is great, but what really fuels success is a genuine connection between your brand and your buyers. Along with a plethora of other strategic findings, this means discovering differentiators, pain points, misalignments, and misconceptions around what is true for your brand. We know from experience; these are the things that aren't easy to find, especially from deep within a company. When one becomes mired in the details, big picture visions can quickly become lost.

We want to find your mission! 
Please take a moment to learn more about our heart based company and how our team is investing in like minded companies to improve the way business is done!

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