How We Drove Higher Brand Awareness for a Category Innovator

Brand refresh leads to a 4,768% rise in online engagement and a 2,087% increase in subscriptions and leads.

CH4 Global, Inc.
Refresh and strengthen global brand strategy
Partnership duration
November 2021 - Current
Introduction: CH4 Global Revolutionizes Methane Mitigation

Based in Henderson, NV – with current operations in Australia and New Zealand – CH4 Global is on an urgent mission to bend the climate curve. The company delivers market-disruptive products that enable the food industry value chain to radically reduce GHG emissions. Its initial focus is on reducing the methane emissions yielded by cow burps…a major contributor to climate change. And its first innovation to that end is Methane Tamer™ feed additives for feedlot cattle, which reduces those emissions up to 90% by harnessing the power of Asparagopsis seaweed.

The Challenge: Differentiating as a Category Trailblazer

CH4 Global kick-started a revolution by being the first company to:

  • Secure licensing rights for Asparagopsis reduction claims
  • Launch the first formulated product with their star ingredient
  • Make the first commercial sale (not a trial) of an Asparagopsis-based feed additive

As new players flooded the market, the company realized the need to redefine itself. While the sector's importance grew, brand strategies and differentiations became muddled.

Kind Marketing was hired to refresh and differentiate the corporate brand, create a new product line brand, and strengthen the company’s market leadership position. The challenge was to orchestrate CH4 Global’s renaissance by:

  • Underscoring its standout market position as an innovator in a sea of unproven entrants
  • Solidifying its role as a visionary leader with the team and unique technology platform to fulfill its aggressive, gigatonne-scale climate-reduction commitments
The Solution: Repositioning and Rebranding

Before initiating the brand transformation, we completed a SWOT analysis to surface market and competitor insights. The analysis revealed opportunities for CH4 Global to differentiate and seize greater market coverage. Pivoting away from competitors who relegated themselves to limiting categories such as aquatic moonshot and CleanTech, we positioned CH4 Global as a Climate Solutions corporation. Hand in hand with this shift, we collaborated with the company on a house-of-brands’ strategy – which became the umbrella for positioning and naming the first product line: Methane Tamer™.

The rebranding encompassed:

  • Revising CH4 Global’s mission, vision, and values
  • Aligning corporate and regional teams around brand communications and strategy
  • Breathing life into CH4 Global’s refreshed identify with a new tagline and updated logo, colors, and look and feel
  • Creating a house-of-brands’ approach to accommodate the company’s future climate-focused products and services lines

We went through a similar exercise for the first product line, culminating in the launch of the company’s new website. We then conducted comprehensive brand training and provided tools to ensure company-wide understanding of key messaging, resulting in a resounding success.

The Proof: Raising Brand Awareness

CH4 Global’s work, extensive network, and sphere of influence continues to help build a global groundswell of support for climate action and partner involvement. And now, bolstered by a new brand and positioning, it is further raising awareness of a viable solution to a critical problem.

After the successful re-launch of the brand and website, CH4 Global witnessed a significant surge in brand awareness across various channels. Web visits and media engagement experienced an impressive increase of 4,768%, while email subscriptions and high-quality lead inquiries saw a substantial rise of 2,087%. CH4 Global attributes this notable growth to the comprehensive efforts undertaken by Kind Marketing, from introducing a new brand and updating assets to delivering impactful media releases and spearheading a strategic focus on public engagement.

Now many competitors are following CH4 Global’s lead, switching their position from Aquaculture to Climate Solutions in what is surely an ongoing evolution.

Working with Kind Marketing has been a partnership of true minds. They are thorough, committed and have helped us build for enduring success. The new brand design and website have captured the essence of our company and has also garnered widespread admiration, receiving praise from stakeholders in our scientific community, valued clients and other partners. It's a testament to Kind Marketing's dedication to excellence and innovation.
⎯ Rowena Pullan, Chief Brand Guardian @ CH4 Global
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Samantha Moore