Kind Marketing Helps Attain Real Leaders Top 50 Eco Innovation Award for Client CH4 Global

July 2022

The Real Leaders Eco Innovation Awards honors the companies applying innovative environmental solutions for the greater good. It’s an annual global ranking of companies that drive environmental social impact in all major sectors of the economy. The companies selected have a new vision of what the world should look like and how the environment should benefit. They show what business can achieve when we align positive growth with responsible custodianship of the Earth.

“Today’s leaders face the challenge of meeting high expectations while adapting to rapid change,” says CEO Steve Miller. “To make transformational changes, leaders must combine a vision of a new future that can inspire change, plus display optimism and action for progress with their own organizations and beyond.

CH4 Global™, Inc. is on an urgent mission to positively impact climate change worldwide. With expertise in turning ambitious ideas into successful, fit-for-purpose products, CH4 Global enables customers to radically reduce methane emissions in support of the 2 degrees Celsius target. Its first line of methane-reducing cattle feed additives is derived from Asparagopsis seaweed, for large beef and dairy producers, which, even if adopted for only 10% of cattle, would deliver more climate benefit than decommissioning 50 million fossil-fueled cars.

At Kind Marketing, we celebrate those contributing to a healthier planet — leaders that are helping grow and inspire the impact movement with game-changing ideas. Congratulations CH4 Global!

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