New Tech Partner

New Technology Partner A Win for Kind Marketing Clients

April 2021

Today, Kind Marketing, LLC, headquartered in Las Vegas, NV,  announces new technology that will be added to their products and services offering.

The new technology platform allows Kind Marketing to extract public data from social media sites and review competitors top influencers information. This new technology is only available through a handful of agencies, which gives the clients a unique leg up on the competition, and a great opportunity to strengthen their position in the marketplace.

For B-C clients, the new tool has extended its services to become an audience broker service. This means Kind Marketing can literally double our clients leads via an ultra targeted audience through Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. TikTok coming soon.

"We can find the most engaged buyer personas in any niche! I have done extensive technology research on this tool and it is truly amazing, offering a new view that delivers deep analytics, real data, real leads, and serious sales opportunities." - Charlene Moore, CEO, CMO

This tool is also ready for B-B. Today, Kind Marketing has 274 Billion public emails that have  been matched with LinkedIn profiles. Now our clients can contact with anyone, everywhere.

All of the information served is 100% GDPR COMPLIANT

All the data is public data available while you browse the Internet. Through our automated collection process we create insights from that data.

Interested to learn more about creating Custom Audiences and Doubling your campaign sales? Contact Kind Marketing today.

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