Kind Marketing Case Study

Growing SEO & Brand Awareness

Brand awareness programs and tactical content updates lead to a 178% increase in web hits from search engines.

Virsec Systems
Solidify SEO strategy & grow brand awareness
Partnership duration
September 2018 - December 2020
The Challenge

Cybersecurity client Virsec, lacked brand awareness and a solid SEO strategy.

The Solution

Kind Marketing and strategic partner Michelle Netten implemented a site-wide SEO update that included keyword analysis and content updates,  site submissions, monthly site map updates, title tag optimization, meta description and image optimization and Google Tools Integration. Additionally through our site scan tools we discovered, and corrected, all the 404 error links as well as properly setting up the 301 redirections. Lastly we optimized the site for better ranking and user experience.

For furthering brand awareness we promoted the extensive library of whitepapers, training videos and webinars that drove audience to the site through social, (limited) ppc, e-mail and third party event marketing opportunities.

The Results

Individuals seeking Virsec directly raised by 300% and e-mail click-through by 30,812%.  We can look at this a one measurement of brand equity growth over the years.

OVERALL SEO GROWTH FROM 2018 - 2020 - 178%.

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