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We launched 1% for the Global Good, an inspiring reinvention of their vitamin donations to women and children in need.

Rainbow Light
CSR communication strategy
Partnership duration
2015 - 2018
The Challenge

Rainbow Light was not leveraging its strong corporate citizenship into an integrated CSR communication strategy. Additionally hadn't yet realized their work went beyond CSR and the brand was not fully taking advantage of their deeper story.

The Solution

Acting as an advisor, Kind Marketing helped create a CSR and Quadruple Bottom Line (4BL) brand story, weaving together many disparate strands.

We also educated the client about the power of the Quadruple Bottom Line (4BL), when integrated as part of the “DNA” instead of one-off program initiatives or just philanthropic interests, they will have a much deeper story and purpose.

The Results

We launched 1% for the Global Good, an inspiring reinvention of their vitamin donations to women and children in need. It was based on The Copenhagen Consensus, a standard for impacting physical, economic, and environmental well-being through nutrition.

We additionally started bringing a greater awareness to the full Rainbow Light story, being the only natural supplement brand at the time who patented and manufactured infinitely recyclable packaging for their supplement products. We additionally saw this as an opportunity advised this to be a product opportunity for sale to other brands. This would extend their commitment to maintaining a healthy environment, reducing carbon emissions and keeping plastic bottles from ending up in our oceans, natural habitats and landfills.

The Side Note

For companies who are doing so much right when it comes to CSR and the Quadruple Bottom Line (people, planet, profit, purpose), it can be a challenge to understand how to integrate that all into your messaging. This is where brand strategy comes in and evaluating what is most critical in the essence of the brand. More often than not, it really does help to bring someone in from the outside to get perspective and perhaps understand missed opportunities.


Kind Marketing is a full-service branding, marketing, and communications agency, building iconic purpose-driven brands, award-winning design, and compelling communications for innovative companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our rich portfolio of clients includes B2B and B2C companies in AgTech, Climate Tech, Climate Smart Ag, Sustainable Ag, Green Tech, organic food and beverage (consumer goods), nutraceuticals and sustainable luxury brands. Kind Marketing also has a passion for serving our people, our communities and our planet. Since 2019, we have donated more than $100,000 in products, advisory services, and funds to nonprofits and businesses that make a difference.


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