The Educated Body New Client

New Client The Educated Body

July 2018

We’ve been working with The Educated Body™ to develop their new brand. The owner, Teresa Moorleghen had us at, eco-friendly retreats, however we know from experiencing one of her outings first hand, these getaways are so much more! We are super excited to be working with Teresa and The Educated Body!


The Educated Body, LLC, headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, hosts weeklong wellness movement retreats in nature that help improve exercise and nutrition habits, and educate individuals in regards to what it is we can do everyday to protect and improve our bodies and planet.

The therapeutic body movement sessions are taught by Teresa Moorleghen, MS, PMA®-CPT, movement therapist and movement educator. Her method incorporates the scientific principles based in Neurocognitive Therapeutic Exercise (NTE) and Biotensegrity with best practices from Yamuna Body Rolling, the Eric Franklin method, Ballet, Modern Dance, and Pilates.

These rejuvenating getaways are geared for individuals who want to improve their wellbeing now, who want to have a supported environment to learn about their body mechanics, and who want to know how to best work and move in the body they are in today.

Upcoming retreats will be held on the gorgeous main island, Hawaii.
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