Kind  Operations

Integrating a kind purpose in how we operate

Our Promise

/ Do sustainably. Do no harm.
It is our promise to operate sustainably, in a way that does the least harm possible to our planet and all the precious life on it. We commit to our promise in a number of different ways, attempting to address the challenge from all sides.

Better Printing & Packaging

We only use soy and vegetable based inks on all print production projects. Additionally, we choose to only produce with recycled materials, infinitely recycled and recylclable plastics and other environmentally friendly materials such as bioplastics and palm leaf.

Food Revolutionaries

We try to be forward thinking on sustainable options surrounding food as well. We only support organic grocery stores. Plus buying local whenever possible at the store or at farmers markets equals supporting local organic farmers and also cuts petroleum use and toxic emissions as a bonus. Additionally local farming and food production is better for the soil, water tables and ocean run off.

Recycling & Waste Reduction

Most businesses create a scary amount of paper waste. We were shocked when we eliminated our paper waste by more than 75% simply by going paperless with billing. Additionally, Kind Marketing™ prides itself in not sending out wasteful junk mail to your offices. If our clients wish to do a marketing snail mail blast, we uphold our printing commitment and also ask that the client please recycle. For all junk received at our offices, we use this amazing app called Paper Karma. This tool allows us to snap a photo of the junk and they will get you off that listing. Last, all junk mail, envelopes, paper, glass containers, any food bags, and cans go into our recycler and we have downsized our trashcans to the smallest city offered sizes for a lesser impact on our landfills. Beyond paper reduction, we also vow to never buy plastic water bottles and single use plastic products. By bringing our own eco friendly cups, bottles and to-go containers to coffee shops, airports, trade events, shopping excursions, etc., we remove ourselves from this harmful element that contributes to the unnecessary amount of trash created.

Energy Savers

We’re committed to saving energy everyday. Our headquarters in Henderson is fully solar powered. As a marketing agency, we work with a lot of big files that require a lot of energy to process and store. To significantly reduce the energy costs associated with file storage and transfer processes, we utilize cloud services such as Dropbox and Evernote instead of storing files in multiple “on-drive" locations and sending through platforms such as email. Beyond saving energy digitally, our offices utilize natural light during the day so our limited, required light usage is estimated at only 2 months out of the year. Plus, all the bulbs we do use are CFL or LED's. We make sure our devices are always set to power saving mode and to always turn off our power strips at night so we can save on the ever present, standby energy. We even use thermoses versus electrical coffee pots which draw power all day. We're proud to use just 35% of the states average monthly energy consumption and to always fall below the utility company's monthly recommended allowance.

A Greener
Remote Office Culture

Kind Marketing headquarters and satellite offices are live/work spaces. So when we simply live our lives sustainably everyday, it translates into a smaller carbon footprint for our business as well. We operate on solar power and live in a starlight community focused on preserving our natural ecosystem. Remote office culture eliminates the need to light, heat and drive to a secondary location, everyday, providing extreme savings on gas, electricity, water, waste and time on the road. Our additional team members either work at our headquarters or their own satellite offices and we ensure all our team members are on board with making the same commitments to sustainability that we are as a company.

Truly Aligned
Partners & Vendors

Kind Marketing only engages with partners and vendors who are equally passionate about working in a sustainable fashion which creates the least harm. Our partners and vendors are often B Corp certified and those who are not, go through a somewhat extensive interview surrounding their operations practices and values on sustainability. Stay tuned for our vendor and partner stories, coming soon! We found a fun app that we ask all our team to use, called Joule Bug. It provides pointers on how to live more sustainably and creates a friendly competition between team members to see who is the most green each month. It’s also a fun piece of collective info for us to wrap into our annual reporting!

Conflict Free
Water Consumers

The water we use in our day to day lives directly affects the way we consume as a business too. We only drink local water from our own individual city water supplies. We use a grey water system where unused water is never wasted, and is instead utilized to water our gardens at the end of each day. Like many offices adopting roof gardens, we believe gardens are extremely important (even in small spaces) because they contribute to drawdown effects, the water cycle and the carbon cycle, and can in turn, slow climate change. Additionally we only use eco friendly soaps which do no harm to our precious, delicate water ways.