Finding your Mission

How We Invest in Like Minded Companies

we want to help find your mission

We are investing in like minded companies to improve the way business is done. We believe that to truly be a force for change a different kind of marketing is required.

The Natural Channels have naturally shifted the market and are placing some serious pressure on mainstream brands to realize what’s important to the communities they serve. It’s our goal to push this envelope a bit further and incorporate more of the quadruple bottom line practice into all business. That means transparency is key.

For those that truly want to make a difference, we are investing by partnering with those companies to dig deep through our discovery sessions, research and competitive analysis to help them get to a well defined and differentiated place that resonates with the entire company. Through internal education to external retail and consumer awareness, those companies will be positioned in a manner that builds their community awareness and genuine loyalty.

Our investment is our time and seeing our efforts through to success. If our clients don’t succeed, nor do we.
However, we’ve found some ways to invest beyond just our time.

We invest financially by working with companies of all budgets and sizes to help see them see the value of marketing. We carefully select only companies we can grow with to create this genuine community.
We strategically invest by sharing our expertise and insights in meetings and discovery sessions, leading to the birth of those golden nugget ideas that are the most precious gifts we can give to our clients.
We invest by fostering a community connection in all of our client relationships. We know even the smallest job can turn into a beautiful partnership. It's in this web of partnerships that we can actively create a larger shared purpose allowing all of our companies further opportunities to grow.
We invest in a better future with Kind Unlimited™ ; an incubation center for angel investors, whitespace brand assessment, co-developing brands with individuals that have radical new ideas and need help bringing them to fruition, and for supporting young entrepreneurs.
We invest creatively by pouring our hearts and souls into the designs we put forth to our clients. Extra elbow grease, extra time spent, and extra love make our designs stand above the rest. We believe that great design can be the difference between success and failure, so we always ensure our clients are showcased at their best.
We invest by serving on councils for businesses that we feel will make a difference. Non-profits, small businesses and large corporations alike, all companies can make change happen. There is power in numbers, and serving entities that can affect real change is extremely important to our cause.

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